Sunday, February 8, 2015

Super Quick Update!

Hey guys!  Hope you all have been doing well!  I know, I know I haven't posted much on here I'M TERRIBLE!  UGH!  I have some ideas for upcoming blogs it's just been having the time to sit down and do them!!  But I had some pics I never posted here that I wanted to throw up really quick in case you all missed them on my facebook!  Just some OOTD and FOTD posts, hope you guys enjoy!

Outfit for when I saw Reverend Horton Heat!

Makeup and Hair for RHH!

Makeup for when I saw CK5 and Darrow

Outfit from CK5 and Darrow

Just being a goon :-P

Isn't he cute?!  I painted him for work!
Sorry there isn't anything too exciting to post yet!  I have honestly just been consumed with work.  My phone also broke for about a week so I was off the radar for a bit, but I should be back in full swing now and ready to rock and roll!!!  I have some new health/body issues blogs to post as well as makeup, fashion, and music!  So keep your eyes open guys.  I also need to try and squeeze a VDay look in there somewhere ;-)

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