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I absolutely hate "About Me" sections.  Not because I particularly hate talking about myself but, what in fact does one say?  I don't think of myself as complicated person but maybe just complicated to explain...to you...a stranger.  Maybe that's why you're here, cause you are a stranger and you wish to be a little less...strange?  Well, you won't find a remedy here to make you any less peculiar, ohhhh, but I suppose I should stop babbling and let's get familiar shall we? Stranger?

Growing up I was always me and there was never a time in my life where I wasn't me except for that one time all those autumns ago when I lost myself and found someone else.

But that was a past life and I can't recall much of what happened.  Let's move on, shall we?




Further down the rabbit hole.

I'm really just building myself up to be so much more than I actually am. I'm just a girl.  I fancy myself an artist... or a joke depending on my mood.  I have a love for things that usually go unloved.  I find beauty in just about everything and my eternal struggle is finding that same beauty within myself.  Creation and destruction are forms of self expression. Learn them well. They will be your tools.

I will be posting far less whimsical rambles about makeup, hair, art, photography, writing, philosophy, fitness, self improvement, self discovery, and the wonders of being a mechanical girl in an all too human world.

oh, and cats.

Join me?

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