An Introduction

Hi. My name is Razor De Rockefeller
and I like ugly things.

Let me explain.

I love the distorted, twisted, absurd.
I love the odd, the strange, the perturbed,
The scoffed, the destroyed,the politically void
the imperfect

I love ugly things.

Anatomy and bones and stones
abandon towers, times of old
a song that no one ever knows
a story no one ever told.

Machinery that never ran
Paint-chipped, worn out Carousel
A dead trombone from an old big band
And lots of other things as well.

I love ugly things.

Messy scrap books, Cut-n-paste
Minor keys, wrongs notes
Too much makeup, ratted hair
Abstract art, bad jokes

Ugly things have claws and wings
And ugly things have tears and dings
like pianos with no notes to sing
or diamonds with no shine to bring
or rusting clocks or old brass rings
I just love ugly, ugly things.

Hello there my dearest,
I’m Razor De.

I have ugly hair.
I wear too much makeup
And I am quite aware...

That my art is disaster
My songs are a mess

These wrong notes and strange keys
Are alarming at best

I tell REALLY bad jokes
Not pc at all
I’m odd and quite strange
And not really so tall

I destroy my apparel
(appalling I know!)
And ruin my body
(a new personal low)

Dare I say speak my mind?
well, most of the time,
Since most of it’s nonsense,
but all of it’s mine.
So embrace the absurd,
well haven’t you heard?
The beauty in ugly is not hard to find

So hello again
I’m Miss Razor De
I love ugly things
And they tend to love
I’m absurd, distorted,
still don’t sing in key
The saint to the gruesome
you wish you could be.

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